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What Exactly are Secondary Market Annuities?
Think of Secondary Market Annuities as Pre-Owned Annuities. Simply put what this means is if somebody has an accident and receives a favorable judgment their payment is usually given to them in the form of an annuity. They are paid a certain amount of money over a defined period of time. What people don’t often realize is that these annuities can be bought and sold. This has been a strategy that corporate investors have been aware of for many years. But it has only been recently that individuals have been offered an opportunity to participate in these safe and secure investments.

Why Do People Sell These Annuities?
For a variety of reasons: Sometimes the recipient needs the money faster than the schedule payments. Or they are seeking a lump to invest in buying a house. Or perhaps their health is declining and they would like to have access to more of the money immediately. Finally, in some instances, the recipient has actually passed away and their estate would like to make a payout to their heirs.

To Sum It Up: Annuities can come back on the market for a variety of reasons which offers an opportunity for you to participate.



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